About Tokushinryu Weapons

Tokumine No Kon

Kata based on extreme drinking and drunk combat. A long rod is used to jab at, block, or disarm opponents.


Chatan Yara no Sai

This kata incorporates the use of Sai, a three-pronged weapon used in martial arts for the purpose of blocking or trapping enemy attacks. The hilt is sometimes also used to strike enemy opponents.


Hamahiga no Tuifa

Karate kata that uses the Tonfa or Tuifa martial arts weapon. It is believed by some to have originated from China as a means to defend against the samurai after all other weapons were banned from Okinawa. This particular weapon uses techniques that work in the empty hand arena. It is a close quarters weapon similar to the Bo. As an extension of the arm, it strengthens blocks and when swung makes one’s reach longer. The final technique to work toward mastery is the spinning blow to the side of the enemy’s head.


Moha Gama

Also known as “Net cut Kama”, this kata uses kusarigama (chain sickle) Ninja weapon that consists of a long chain on one end and a heavy weight on the other. Peasant Ninjas were believed to have been the creators behind the weapons as they were not allowed to have any weapons themselves so they fashioned them out of old farm equipment (the sickle and chain).


Tokushin no Eku

A boat oar used to jab, block, or disarm opponents. Forward kicks are also incorporated with the weapon in this kata.


Tokushin no Tekko

Knuckle dusters used to slice an opponent and also incoporating forward kicks and punches. Good for engaging one to three opponents at a time.


Tokushin no Tichu

Similar to the knuckle dusters in Tokuchin no Tekko (but smaller and with a point in the middle not just the ends) a series of punches and kicks are also incoporated in this kata as well. The forward punches come in two’s with blocks and fast kicks against the opponent’s shins.


Tokushin no Nunti Sai

Sai (think two daggers both the length of the wrist to the elbow) used for defense and also disarm an enemy. The ends are blunt and the shorter sides of the weapon are used for trapping. Best for use in close range combat.


Tokushin no Sansetsukon

A three-section staff (think chain whip) used to disarm an opponent but also incorporates evasive maneuvers to avoid enemy attacks. Can be used offensively.


Tokushin no Nunti Bo

A staff with a manji-shaped sai mounted on one end, similar to a spear.


Tokushin no Tinbe

A tinbe is a shield that is usually paired with a short spear and used for defense.

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